Facial Treatments

Make the most of the advantages of a non-surgical face lift. Allure Beauty uses the most up to date equipment and technologies to create younger, plumper looking skin. Non- invasive and painless, these treatments work to enhance your skin naturally. It is important to me that we address all your areas of concern and so I tailor my non surgical facial treatments to suit you, your needs and your budget. This means that I may use different modalities combined in your treatment regime to get the best results for you.

Facial Treatments


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Combined Focused Radio Frequency Energy

Combat the early signs of laxity or sagging skin

MESO Lift Pro, Electroporation & LED Light Mask

Comfortable but specific electrical pulse which disturbs the lipidic links between the cells creating pores in the skin

Acne, Blackheads & Open Pores

Salon treatments troublesome skin can be brought under control, and imperfections can be improved or cleared.

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