Thread Vein/Broken capillaries and blood spots removal

Offering an affordable solution for the effective removal of uwanted thread veins – with instant results!

Thread veins (also called spider veins, broken blood vessels, broken veins or capillary veins), are small red, blue or purple veins that typically appear near the surface of the skin on the thighs, calves and ankles and face.

They are also commonly found on the cheeks or nose area and these appear as small or even quite large pink, red/dark lines under the surface of the skin. Other vein related blemishes that can spoil our complexion are cherry angiomas, blood spots which can be found on the face and body
or spider naevae. On the face these marks can be unattractive and difficult to disguise even with makeup.

Advanced thread vein removal

How does it work?

Although there may be many causes that contribute to these conditions, weak blood vessels are common in thin and reactionary skin. There are numerous causes as to why thread veins suddenly appear including: ageing, sun damage, hereditary, pregnancy, physical trauma such as an injury/blow to the area, harsh weather conditions, hormonal changes and skin fragility. Often if inherited, broken capillaries can become more apparent as we age, but these can be treated very successfully using advanced electrolysis techniques or laser which specifically targets haemoglobin.

How long before results can be seen?

Reduction and improvement of the broken capillaries is noticed almost immediately after treatment, and depending upon the severity of the condition. In most cases it only takes one or two treatments to eliminate them. If this is a hereditary disposition then further treatments may be necessary.

The two methods of treatment that I use to treat these conditions are advanced electrolysis and Vasculase laser vein removal. Both methods will be discussed and explained to you at your consultation so that you can decide which method you would prefer.

Advanced Electrolysis Method

How does it work?

This involves using the tip of a very fine probe (about the size of an eyelash) along the line of the capillary and discharging a high frequency energy into the vein. The treated areas dry up, the vessel gets destroyed and the waste is distributed within the body’s natural elimination system.

How long before results can be seen?

With this method it usually takes a couple of weeks to start to see the results, and can take up to 6 weeks to see the final result of that particular treatment. If the veins being treated are particularly large or deep then more than one treatment may be needed as the area must not be over treated and your skin’s reactivity will be taken into account. Spacing technique and treatment intervals will be carefully considered in your treatment plan as well as your needs and requirements. Typically areas needing more treatment will improve as further treatments progress if needed.

Vasulase Laser method

3D Vasculase is safe and effective in removing thread veins. The treatment uses proven laser based technology to rapidly achieve impressive results. As with all treatments which involve the use of lasers you will be provided with protective eye wear which must be worn during the treatment.

The benefits of this 3D Vasculase are:-

  • Fast treatment times
  • Instant visible results
  • Removes up to 90% of thread veins in just a single session
  • No damage to the skin
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Affordable treatments

How does it work?

3D Vasculase works by applying a highly focused 980nm laser beam to target the vein using a precise application. The red blood cells in the thread vein absorb the laser energy causing the blood within the vein to heat up, damaging the wall of the vein. This reaction causes the thread vein to close down, and when it does, the body absorbs the vein causing it to disappear. The treatment can target thread veins in many various areas on the body, including thighs, calves, ankles and the face.

How long before results can be seen?

In most cases just one treatment is required and you can see the vein visibly disappearing during treatment. Once treated however, thread veins in the lower extremities may still be visible which could be due to the depth, thickness and the quantity of the veins being treated in a particular area. For these areas further treatments will be required to eliminate the veins completely.

It is also important to bear in mind that this does not mean that new veins won’t develop once the treated veins have disappeared. Hormonal changes, pregnancy, hereditary, weight gain and occupations that involve being active can all be contributing factors.

Before and After

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