MESO Lift Pro & Electroporation

Electroporation is the application of a comfortable but specific electrical pulse which disturbs the lipidic links between the cells creating pours in the skin allowing treatment products and creams to penetrate deep into the skin.

This eliminates the need for any form of micro-needling and the need for down time. It is very effective in rehydrating dry devitalised and dull skin, by adding important products to combat deficiencies and increase cell regeneration.

How does it work?

This treatment involves using a micro current to open up the links in the cells so that products may be absorbed into the deeper structures of the skin. After the products have been absorbed, an electrical electroporation mask is used to finish off the process. This mask is infused with specific products that are then absorbed in a similar way into the skin. The skin is visibly softened and revitalised after treatment.

How long before results can be seen?

You will see and feel a noticeable change in the tightness and lift of your skin. Your skin will also feel and look softer and brighter, but as with other stimulatory treatments in order to achieve the full benefit of a course of treatments, weekly treatments for 6-8 weeks will need to be undertaken. Thereafter it is recommended to have a 4/6 weekly top up to maintain results.

MESO Lift Pro - Muscle lifting and skin rehydration

The Meso Lift Pro is similar in its action to the Perfector, but combines both Micro current and Electroporation, giving an improvement to the facial contours and enhancing the condition and appearance of the skin. Micro current mimics the normal biological processes of cellular regeneration to stimulate the muscles and to improve the facial contours.. The Meso Lift Pro machine has a single two ball electrode which is used to reposition the muscles by using firm upward stroking and holding movements. as opposed to the two probe method of the Perfector. Both systems are very effective in their own right, but feel very different on application. This will be explained to you during your consultation.

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