Peach Fuzz Hair removal

HAIR BARE PROFESSIONAL is a professional procedure performed by qualified beauty therapists, providing optimum safety. It is a new concept in making hair removal PAIN FREE.  Hair Bare Professional is a treatment that offers long term hair reduction on all colour hairs including blondes! The hair is removed immediately, leaving the skin not only hair free but super soft too. So much more than just a hair removal treatment, it will leave the skin exfoliated, fresh and glowing, all in one treatment, leaving you with an airbrushed flawless look to the skin.

How does it work?

By using a concentrated Alkaline Powder, Alkaline raises the pH of the skin, it causes a reaction resulting in the breakdown of the hair protein, removing the hair immediately. When the ‘REMOVE & SMOOTH’ Alkaline powder is mixed with water it becomes a transdermal; reaching down to the underlying hair follicle. This enables it to penetrate to the hair bulge where it damages the stem cells and disables the hair follicle from reproducing. After a course of treatments the hair will become less, grow through slower and shorter. It’s especially effective for vellus hair on the face, which laser and IPL cannot treat. Because the Alkaline also breaks down protein of the skin, it exfoliates at the same time! Other indications are reductions in scarring, pigmentation, acne, in-growing hairs and wrinkles.

How long before results can be seen?

After your first treatment, the hair will grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the hair regrowth rate will become slower and slower, the hair will weaken and the density of the fine downy hair will diminish quite considerably. It is impossible to estimate how many treatments are needed as permanent removal is dependent on many things. For example, how the hair has been previously treated, how long it has been there, the reasons for the hair growth etc. Some clients report a reduction in hair growth after just one treatment, however there is no guarantee as every client’s skin is different. In my experience, many clients get a noticeable reduction in growth very quickly and then only require periodic treatments as the hair growth lessens.

Before and After

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