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For the treatment of cellulite, loose or crepey skin. The localised application of Radio Frequency energy stimulates the collagen and elastin production resulting in a smoother more toned appearance to your skin

Radio Frequency is an excellent solution in addressing loose skin on the body and the face. Most areas can be treated safely and effectively and the benefits of treatment are visible almost immediately.

This treatment can be combined with other modalities such as fat freezing or cavitation to tighten up the skin once the fat has been reduced from that area. Most clients use this treatment to tighten difficult to tone areas, after losing weight or even just to improve the look of the skin through ageing.

Cellulite treatment is often combined with cavitation or shockwave to break down the fat and the Radio Frequency treatment would then be used to smooth out and tone the dimpled appearance that the build-up of cellulite gives to the skin.

Treatment times and prices will be determined during your consultation when a treatment plan will be drawn up to give you the best results.

How does it work?

Radio Frequency energy generates heat within the tissue underneath the applicator. The heat generated stimulates the fibroblasts to increase the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres. This thermal trauma, which occurs in 5-30% of the collagen fibres, causes an immediate contraction of the fibres resulting in the production of new collagen.

Fat cells present a greater resistance to the current generated by Radio Frequency energy because they are made mostly of oil and are therefore very poor conductors of electrical current. Most of the other cells in our body have a high content of water based liquids and so they are good conductors and offer little resistance. Because of this higher resistance, the fat cells heat up more quickly than other skin tissue and this causes them to melt and metabolise when treated at a temperature between 40°- 45°C.

How long before results can be seen?

After treatment there is an immediate visible result. In order to achieve the best results treatments need to be repeated on a weekly basis for 6-10 treatments depending on the requirements’ of the client.  Once achieved then a monthly top up is needed to reinforce the effects of the treatments previously given and to give lasting effects.

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