Body Lipo Cavitation

Non-invasive overall fat reduction and body contouring treatment for localised fat reduction and cellulite.

Lipo cavitation is an effective treatment used to generally sculpt and target fatty areas that are otherwise difficult to reduce or eliminate, no matter how much you diet or exercise. The most common areas treated are the buttocks, abdomen and love handles, and the inner and outer thighs. There is no downtime involved with this safe relaxing treatment, and it does not cause any harm to the areas being treated.

How does it work?

This treatment involves using low frequency ultrasonic sound waves, which are mechanically discharged through a hand applicator to break down and disrupt the membrane of the fat cell.  The gentle heat and vibration of these sound waves cause the fat cells to break down and release their contents into the body. Once released they are dispersed out of the body through a natural elimination and detoxification process. In order to speed up this process it is important to drink plenty of water to flush out the system.

How long before results can be seen?

Results can generally be seen almost immediately. You will continue to see a reduction of the fat in the area for up to 72 hours after treatment although each client reacts differently and some may see results sooner than others. Areas can be retreated after 5-7 days to further reduce the unwanted fat in the area concerned.  To achieve the best results a course of treatments is advised.


Ultrasound emitted by cavitation handpiece


Fat tissues' basic structure


The Ultrasound wave collapses the subcutaneous fat cell



The breakdown adipose tissue is released into the interstitial fluid and travels into the circulatory system

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