3D Body Shockwave

Effective in treating cellulite and for promoting fat metabolism

Besides Radio Frequency body treatments which are extremely effective in cellulite reduction, Shockwave therapy is another treatment that can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Shockwave, also known as Acoustic Wave therapy is a clinically proven treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite, encouraging fat breakdown and increasing skin elasticity through collagen synthesis. Blood supply is increased to assist with the skin softening and tightening, and connective tissue is strengthened with the increased elasticity from the collagen production. Waste products are then dispersed through lymphatic drainage.

How does it work?

Shockwave therapy uses radial pressure waves which are generated by pulses of compressed air. The pulses drive projectile in a cylinder, located within the hand piece, transferring its kinetic energy to the head of the applicator and from there into the skin, permeating the fat cells. This causes the fat cells to shrink promoting fat metabolism whilst the impurities are then removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic drainage system.

This treatment is very effective when used alongside other modalities when treating different areas of concern. If used immediately after fat freezing it is an extremely effective way to break down the already crystallised fat cells from the freezing process, enabling them to disperse into the waste system more quickly.

How long before results can be seen?

A course of 8-10 treatments are usually needed to get best results. Preferably treatments should be twice a week, and depending upon the areas being treated the duration of each session will vary. This will be determined at your consultation or after your initial treatment.

If used to achieve quicker visible results after fat freeze treatment, this will also speed up the elimination of crystallised fat cells and a further two shockwave treatments can be done to the same area a week apart.

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