3D Body HIFU

Targeted fat removal with Non-invasive, safe and effective

3D Body HIFU targets stubborn areas of fat by delivering an intensely focused ultrasound energy into deep subcutaneous tissue to create target-point heating to the fat cells.

Exposing the fat cells to these high temperatures for 1 second causes rapid cell death by coagulative necrosis. When focused ultrasound energy is released into the subcutaneous tissue it creates heat which disintegrates the fat cell and obliterates it.

How does it work?

It is a one off treatment and uses a different process to fat freezing or cavitation in destroying the fat.

HIFU body is capable of focussing ultrasound energy at different depths within the area being treated.  If treating superficial fat then the target depth is 8mm whilst for deeper fat removal a 13mm depth will be required.

Once treatment is complete, it is recommended that a session of Shockwave with lymph drainage is applied to the treatment area a week later. This is to help the body to eliminate waste that the obliterated cells leave behind which speeds up results, but it is not essential

How long before results can be seen?

Results are progressive and as with other fat reducing treatments it can take between 1-4 months to see results although many clients notice a difference quite soon afterwards.

As this treatment does not need to be repeated in the same way as some of the other modalities, the areas that are yet to be treated around the worked area can be addressed in subsequent sessions to achieve better results.

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